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food access, equity & nutrition Resource Organizations


If you’ve ever wished you could grow your own tasty organic food, Community Gardens of Tucson has a plot for you!  We have 20 gardens located across the city, each with automatic irrigation and tools. And when you garden with us you become a member of a supportive gardening community that is with you every step of the way. Meet new friends and have lots of fun while enjoying your harvest!

We know we can only be strong when our gardeners are as diverse as the plants we nourish. We share, work, learn and grow together…This is the heart of community gardening. Join us!

An evidence-based program that helps people make their SNAP dollars stretch, teaches them how to shop for and cook healthy meals, and leads physically active lifestyles. SNAP-Ed partners with State and local organizations to meet people where they are. SNAP-Ed initiatives include nutrition education classes, social marketing campaigns, and efforts to improve policies, systems, and the environment of communities.

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona responds to the root causes of hunger, and seeks to restore dignity, health, opportunity and hope to people living in poverty. Our mission is to change lives in the communities we serve by feeding the hungry today, and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow. 

Nutrition Resolved is a nutrition counseling and education practice focused on providing accessible nutrition care to those who need it. 

Nutrition education, family support and breastfeeding resources.

The AZ Health Zone Cooperative Extension – Nutritional Sciences (CENS) is a local implementing SNAP-Ed agency in Pima County that supports SNAP-eligible households establish healthy eating habits and physically active lifestyles through increased access to healthy food, physical activity opportunities, and education. The AZ Health Zone (CENS) works with K-12 schools, local gardens, and farmers markets in your community to create healthy environments.

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