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Household & Living expenses Resource Organizations


The Pima County Community Assistance Division's mission is to assist low-income individuals and families with reaching higher levels of economic and social self-sufficiency through the delivery of basic needs services and to advocate for low-income individuals. The Community Assistance Division will deliver services in a respectful, timely, and compassionate manner.

Affordable housing, home repair, home renter and owner resources, housing discrimination, rental and special needs. 

ICS now serves more than 60,000 people each year. From a nutritious meal, to job counseling that helps an out-of-work breadwinner regain sustainable employment, to rides to the doctor’s office, to assistance with mail, bills or small home repairs for clients who can no longer see or achieve mobility, ICS meets essential needs in very practical ways.

United Way of Tucson responds to our community’s needs, transforms lives and brings long-lasting systemic change to our community by focusing on the underlying issues. We fight for education, financial wellness, equality and healthy communities for every person in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Our role as community convener enables us to serve more than 250,000 people each year by forming strategic partnerships, mobilizing the best resources and being the catalyst for needed, positive change.

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