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Healthcare Resource Organizations

Community Organizations

We believe EVERY BODY can be a Force for Health for themselves, their families and their communities. But we also realize that not everybody has the access, resources, tools or support to make the healthy decisions and the easy ones. This is why it’s so important for everybody to work together to address these social determinants of health to increase better outcomes for communities that care. It’s also why we focus on providing FREE and low cost multimedia and evidence-based solutions to increase population health literacy for everybody…equally.

The Pima County Health Department is dedicated to help the residents of Pima County achieve and maintain an optimal level of wellness. The Health Department and its partners are committed to embracing and promoting diversity throughout our programs and services. 

At El Rio, our priority is providing comprehensive, affordable and compassionate healthcare for you and your family. We provide care to all community members, regardless of a patient's financial status.

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