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Meet Me at Maynards 

The mission of Meet Me at Maynards is to bring active adults and families to the downtown Tucson area to enjoy healthy exercise, experience the beauty, history and architecture of our unique neighborhoods and to appreciate and patronize local businesses.

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Meet Me On Wednesdays 

The mission of Meet Me Wednesdays is to gather adults and families for healthy exercise in a social setting to enjoy Tucson’s beautiful outdoors and to appreciate and patronize area businesses.

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Hiking Programs

Beyond leads monthly hikes for those members of our community who maybe are beginning to explore the outdoors and would like some support getting out on a hike. Learn more about which trails to choose, how to hike safely, including proper nutrition and hydration, and connect with others in a supportive environment.

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Cyclovia Tucson

Aims to cultivate a safe and welcoming space for everyone to engage in any form of people-powered mobility. Streets are closed to cars and opened to people for the purpose of collective visioning around our public space.

Cyclovia honors stories and uplifts voices often left out of planning conversations, recognizing that each route passes through neighborhoods with distinct histories and cultures.

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Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

​Growing Food & Growing Community

Our Farm & Garden programs provide community spaces, education, and resources for anyone who wants to start growing. Gardening should be accessible to everyone!

Growing your own food is more than just a way to reduce grocery costs and access healthy food—it’s a way to connect with the land, connect with your roots, and connect with community. We strive to empower community members to grow, learn, and become leaders who advocate for a more just food system.

Events Calendar

Community Gardens of Tucson

Saturday Morning Workparties

Join us in the gardens every Saturday from 9 am – 11 am for a fun work party followed by an educational workshop and/or garden tour from 11am – 12pm.  Everyone is welcome! This is a great way to get involved with your local community gardens! Come meet fellow community members and help our garden spaces thrive. 


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