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Activate Tucson, established in 2004 through collaborative efforts between the Mayor's Healthy Tucson Initiative and the YMCA's Pioneering Healthier Communities initiatives, is a coalition dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of Tucson's community. Rooted in community leadership, Activate Tucson focuses on influencing policy, systems, and environmental changes that promote positive health outcomes.

At its core, Activate Tucson operates with three primary goals:

1. Influence Public Policy: The coalition actively participates by advocating for public policies and supporting education on healthier, active lifestyles. By engaging in policy discussions, Activate Tucson aims to create an environment conducive to healthier choices.

2. Promote and Support Information and Education: Activate Tucson is committed to promoting and supporting initiatives that educate individuals about the benefits of adopting healthier, more active lifestyles. This includes providing resources and information that empower community members to make informed decisions through advocacy work.

3. Develop and Deliver Informational and Motivational Messages: The coalition crafts and delivers messages designed to inform and motivate individuals. By emphasizing the importance of healthy living.

Activate Tucson's efforts extend beyond individual actions; the coalition fosters enduring collaborations with businesses, government bodies, schools, communities, social service agencies, and the media. This inclusive approach aims to create a holistic support system that promotes well-being throughout the Greater Tucson Area.

Central to its mission is the vision of transforming Tucson into a vibrant community where living, working, and recreation are synonymous with health and well-being. Through advocacy and partnerships, Activate Tucson strives to establish policies and environments that nurture the holistic health of the community, ensuring that individuals and neighborhoods thrive. Activate Tucson invites community members to join in shaping a healthier future for all Tucson residents.

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Partner Organizations

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