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City of Tucson Adopts Urban Agriculture Policies

On December 8, 2015, after two years of advocacy led by Activate Tucson member and retired University of Arizona  Medical Anthropologist, Merrill Eisenberg, the City of Tucson adopted the new Urban Agriculture Policies. These polices were created to:

AG1 Reduce barriers to food production and to food distribution, including home and community gardens, and facilitate access to new markets for small-scale farmers and gardeners.

AG2 Adopt zoning and land use regulations that promote and facilitate the safe, equitable growth and distribution of locally produced food.

AG3 Facilitate community food security by fostering an equitable, healthy local and regional food system that is environmentally and economically sustainable and accessible to all.

AG4 Collaborate with key partners to facilitate new opportunities for urban-scale gardens, farms, gleaning, and distribution systems.

click here to read policy document:


Home and Urban Gardening 

Farmer's Markets, CSA's and U Pick Em Farms

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