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SB 283 Recess Bill
Two recess periods a day mandatory for Arizona's younger students 

Gov. Doug Ducey has signed into law legislation that mandates Arizona public schools provide at least two recess periods per day for its youngest students.

The approval of Senate Bill 1083 was long overdue, according to many parents and recess advocates who felt the state needed to intervene to preserve elementary students' dwindling playtime.

The legislation requires school districts and charter schools provide at least two recess periods a day for students in kindergarten through fifth.



Empowering young children to learn healthy habits for life.


Facilities participating in the Empower Program pledge to adopt 10 standards that support healthy eating, encourage active play, prevent exposure to second- and third-hand smoke, practice sun safety and promote good oral health habits in exchange for reduced licensing fees. For more information click picture below.

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